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welcome to my gallery

My work is all about sharing my enthusiasm for the beauty, the humour and the quirkiness of the world that surrounds me, and since lockdown in 2020, that world  has been Brighton and the South Downs.

I want to  share my joy and gratitude for the splendour of this place I  get to call home, and create paintings that invite you to wander... through the landscape, and your own memories and imagination.

an invitation to wander in Stanmer Park

This collection represents the work I've done since I moved into my wonderful little cabin at Stanmer Craft Museum in late November, 2020.

I've been enchanted by the woods at Stanmer for years, and now I have the opportunity to watch the seasons change every day and on my doorstep. Bliss!.

I just caught the end of the autumn, and had just learned about gelli-printing.  

I went a bit crazy gelli printing the fallen leaves and grasses, collaging them with bits of old maps and music into a series of landscapes and abstract compositions.

In February, it snowed and the world was transformed!

And in late March, "the earth laughs in flowers" as Rilke says.

Daffodils and trees coming into blossom, but most of all, the bluebells.

All of the work here was completed in 2021, though a few of the bluebell paintings were begun at the beginning of lockdown in 2020.

50% of the proceeds from that last year's crop are going to the Bluebell Appeal for the NHS.

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