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Mixed-media.                                         110cm by 110cm  box canvas

This large piece, "The Golden Hour" is about those magic minutes when the sun is low in the sky and the earth is dark, when only the tops of the trees catch the orange glow of the setting sun.

 I was first inspired by a walk in the Royal Botanical Gardens of Wisley,  where I collected lots of leaves and various little weeds... but  later experienced the same incandescent glow here at Stanmer.

This piece is the work of several months, with layers and layers of prints and foliage, trying to capture the depth of colour and the magnificent variety in the forest.


and it is impossible to photograph!! I have used copper leaf and silver leaf and some metallic paints, so it really changes in the light and shimmers... but I just can't capture it in a still photo. Trust me, the painting is much more exciting than it looks here!

The Golden Hour

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