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Mixed-Media on Box Canvas.                                                                        50cm by 50cm


This is an invitation to wander down that little dirt path that catches the light amidst the bluebells and under those brand new spring green leaves. The acid green is almost garish, but irresistable. Again, I've included a bit of Alice, the Tweedledum bit,  feeling full of wonderment...

 & the foreground foliage is directly printed from some of the plants I foraged along the way.

This piece was meant to stand alone, and it can... but I painted it together with the other 2 "Invitations to wander" and I love the way they inadvertently work together.


If you agree and would like this as a triptych on your wall, to invite you to wander in the  dappled light of the woods all year round, the price for all 3 is £1800.

An Invitation to Wander... 3

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