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Mixed-Media on Box Canvas.                                                                        50cm by 50cm


Inspired by the bluebell woods of the Sussex Downs, the luscious blues in the dappled light felt like a wonderland... so there's a bit of "alice in wonderland" collaged into the trees. A little homage.

 & the foreground foliage is directly printed from some of the plants I foraged along the way.

This piece was meant to stand alone, and it can... but I painted it together with the other 2 "Invitations to wander" and I love the way they inadvertently work together.


If you agree and would like this as a triptych on your wall, to invite you to wander in the  dappled light of the woods all year round, the price for all 3 is £1800.

An Invitation to Wander... 1

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