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With almost 30 years experience as an educator, my teaching practice has proved to be a wonderful balance to my otherwise rather solitary and sedentary life as an artist. I LOVE to draw and paint, and I love to share my enthusiasm with artists at all stages of their creative journeys.


I  believe that everyone CAN draw. Everyone has a unique creative spark that sometimes just needs a little kindling. Nothing pleases me more than seeing my students  have those "Aha!" moments and blossom and thrive.

As well as teaching through adult education colleges in England, Art Societies in California and at university level in the Middle East, I've run a residential course in Italy, taken painters to India and Jordan, and even  taught on cruise ships. Usually I lead workshops in my studio and through a variety of art venues in Brighton and California

Open your artist’s eye and make your colours sing! 

Come be inspired and release your creative spirit.

Summer 2024

Sadly, for the time being, I have no upcoming workshops planned … on land at least.  


I’ve got back into teaching art on cruise ships and I’ve just completed a fantastic 37 day cruise from Tahiti to Perth, Australia. 

22 workshops in 37 days, through the South Seas, New Zealand and Australia. 

It was an amazing experience… But now selfishly, I just want to concentrate on my own work. 


This summer I have another cruise, 22 days from London to New York via the northern Scottish Isles, Iceland, Greenland, and the rugged east coast of Canada. 

I’m very excited about it, but I have a lot of lesson planning to do! 

I plan on running workshops again soon, watch this space!

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