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I Love the Artist Support Pledge!

I am absolutely loving the artist support pledge!!

I just purchased my fourth work of art from the talented Kate Osborne.

Her beautiful paintings of African women carrying everything on their heads, (in this case a jack-fruit!) I find so moving. She grew up in Uganda and is selling a series of these stunning paintings in aid of a school in Uganda. I was privileged to go to her studio yesterday and got to choose this one. It was a really difficult decision! took me about an hour! She’ll be posting every day for the next week or so, so don’t miss them.

My previous purchases:

Anita Klein’s delightful “grandmother”, and I’m going to be a grandmother in October! I have followed Anita’s work for many years and love her evocation of the simple pleasures of life and domestic happiness.

Before that I chose this windswept evocative landscape by Lesley Birch, who reminds me that less is more and that you can capture the sky in a single energetic brushstroke. I’m going to one of her workshops in November and I can’t wait!

And finally, my first purchase, “the good old days”, is a delightful collage by Emma Stokes, that makes me smile every day.

Thank you artist support pledge.

It’s been such a wonderful way for me to share my own work, and it’s been terrific to support other artists and have the joy of such wonderful work on my walls. Win-win situation all around!

please follow me on Instagram at @seanamallen and all the participating artists work #artistsupportpledge. I’m in such good company! Feeling very proud and happy!

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