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Pierogies and Pink in Poland, a cycling sketchbook

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

October 2- 12,

The aroma of pierogies and the quest for gravity-assisted adventures brought us to Krakow and the mostly downhill Dunajec Trail...

pre-cycle, a lovely day in Krakow, with a walking tour and our first pink food..

Our first lunch in Krakow. After florescent pink borscht, I ordered an extravagant ice cream with pinker cherries in pink liqueur... and did a very unfair and unflattering portrait of Richard trying to get his phone to be a camera...

First day cycling, we went in a minibus up to a high place, Zab, to freewheel most of the way to Zakapane, a lovely ski resort, with lots of lovely villages, cows, and churches built for snow on the way..

Day 2.: Zakopane to Nowy Targ, and we ride up a funicular railway to the top of a ski resort to start another day of wonderful descent, just before the chasing storm. The heavens didn't open till we reached Nowy Targ and sheltered in a little bar where I had the perfect Caffe Latte, "corrected" with a shot of Jamison's. This lovely young woman who created it, Magdalena is a local legend, a competitive ski jumper!

Next time you are in Nowy Targ, don't miss Bistro Toscana!

The next day we had to pedal a bit on our way to Niedzica.We cruised along the river and up the shore of this beautiful lake with two imposing ancient castles.


Day 4, Niedzica to Sczc&$?ina was the most beautiful day of the holiday, autumnal colour along the banks of the spectacular Dunajec gorge...

Richard and have played the game, "COW!" for about 30 years. Its person to see a cow each day says, "Cow, I win." and is bathed in glory for the rest of the day. I won.

The next morning out of Szcz??!wina was a bit gloomy. A "soft" Irish day, but lots of flowers lining the route...

following the incomprehensible signs...

And the next day, we find our way to Nowy Szaz and a minibus back to Krakow and lots of pink mulled wine, more pierogies and more pink food.

And the view from our last lunch at the lovely restaurant, Wesele, on the main square Krakow, which features bright pink cranberry jam on grilled goats cheese yumminess.

I think I saw Poland through rose coloured glasses, assisted by e-bikes, lots of downhill and pink food. 6 days of glorious cycling, a wonderful fresh air experience, and a few days in Krakow, a stunning city with a chilling and at times truly horrifying history that now thrives and gives us hope

Definitely . worth the two week quarantine upon arriving home!

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