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Bluebells for the NHS

“There is a crack in Everything, that’s how the light gets in”

 Early in lockdown, in late March, I went on a number of walks in the bluebell woods of the south downs and Stanmer Park, and I’ve been inspired by these images ever since.

I’ve worked on several series of paintings based on my photographs and my memories of the experience of these places, the quiet, and the birdsong, the dappled light, and feeling bathed in the blue, enraptured by the feeling of light breaking through, like hope.

Many of these images include bits of a lovely old map from the early 1800s of the South Downs, giving a different representation of the landscape and its history. The map includes tumuli, old windmills, and “Caesar’s Camp” , etc.

I love that I walk these paths in the footsteps of others, trod for over thousand years.

I also use old postage stamps of birds and butterflies, and cuttings from an old roget’s Thesaurus.

The Bluebell appeal for the NHS is a charity supporting the NHS, a perfect link for me!

I’ve been donating a percentage of all sales of my bluebell paintings to the bluebell appeal, and have raised almost £1000 for them so far.It makes me feel so good when my work can support something I  so hugely appreciate.

Feels like a real win win situation!

If you would like to have one of my paintings, and support the NHS at the same time, here’s a possibility. The four paintings below £200 including shipping, with 20% going to the Bluebell appeal of the NHS.

"Out of the Blue VII", 6” x 6”, mixed media watercolour on paper.

"Out of the Blue III", 6” x 6”, mixed media watercolour on paper.

"Out of the Blue VI, Heaven over the Brooks", 6” x 6”, mixed media watercolour on paper.

"Out of the Blue IV, Glyndebourne", 6” x 6”, mixed media watercolour on paper.

Thanks for looking, and support the NHS.

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