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Art Apart with Seana, July 16, 2020

We had a great session today, the second stop on our “magical mystery tour”,  creating a sketchbook of all the places that we’re  missing during lockdown.

Today we virtually went to Clare’s wonderful house in Portugal.

The lesson was about using  brushstrokes to create petals and leaves just by applying less or more pressure. We painted sunflowers without doing any Drawing first, just creating the flowers from the brushstroke.

Single brushstroke sunflowers

We also worked  wet and wet to create a vibrant and nuanced sky. I used a cobalt turquoise next to the orange yellow of the sun flower petals to create a complementary colour pizzazz. And then washed out a little bit from the flower  and added frendch ultramarine To make a sky that may not be realistic but is wonderfully colorful and bright.

The final idea of the lesson was about composition and scale. It is interesting to make a small object in the foreground very large and then see the distant view of the landscape behind it.

Sunflowers over Clare’s patio, with her neighbour’s wall in the distance

Lovely and inspiring photographs of Clare’s  and her beautiful neighborhood in Portugal.

And finally, my living room…

And after class I thought we should do a little bit of research and homework for  next week’s meeting, when we are going to Barry’s Place in Cyprus!

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