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Fabulous Flying Birds are festive and fun!

Though this one seems to be about to bite Alexander Hamilton on the bum...

Inspired by the amazing Yorkshire artist, Mark Hearld, all of my wonderful students and I have been creating these whimsical flying paper birds. this week.

I saw Mark's on sale as greetings cards at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park a few years ago, and thought, there's a great idea I'd like to steal!

I am SO proud of all the creativity and variety that everyone has brought to this project.

Linda Scott's even has legs!

Here is a gallery of a few of my favourites. Some of these birds are even making political statements!

If you'd like to try one of your own, all you need is paper, glue a piece od string or ribbon, and any art supplies you want to play with.

Here's the template. Print it out and trace it onto heavy cartridge paper or watercolour paper. Any size is fine. Mine are A4.

And here's a short video about how we do it...

Have fun and let's allcreate Flocks of Festive Flyers!

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