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Richmond Park

Come for walk in the park?
I lived in a house backing onto Richmond Park for almost 20 years, and had a lovely wheaten terrier named Wilf who delighted in  a good long walk in the park every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. 
The park became a source of constant inspiration. 

I’ve used a wide variety of media for my work, watercolor collage, oil paint , and more recently Printmaking, both monoprint and solar plate etching. 
With the solar plate etchings and collages, I am incorporating an etching of a beautiful old map from 1828. 
The work isn’t simply representation of the park, but I try to make it a portal into the realm of thoughts and ideas and memories. 
Victoria Crowe says, “I begin with acute observation. Then imagination and association transform objective reality into a complex personal dialogue, evolve layers of meaning elaborated by personalmemories, set against the vastness of historic time.” 
Me too! She says it more eloquently than I could, but it is exactly what my work is trying to be. 
So please,  step into the paintings and come on a walk in the park with me , with all  your own memories  and associations.

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