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Fabulous Flamboyant Fuchsias

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

In today's class we were inspired by the fuchsias in Fran's garden...

First we splashed loose washes of fuchsia colours onto a taped piece of watercolour paper, then set it aside to dry.

Then we used a "nuanced brushstroke" to create the petals of the fuchsias, and used the edge of a piece of watercolour paper to create the very fine stamens.

Then we returned to our washes, drew fuchsias over them, and painted in some of the background to accentuate the fuchsia shapes.

And your work was beautiful!!!

Above are Fran's lively interpretations of her fabulous fuchsias. Thanks again for sharing them with us!

Scroll through the slide show below to see more of the wonderful work that we created in class.Sorry there is one colour theory slide that I can't seem to delete!

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