Seana Mercedes Mallen is an internationally acclaimed artist who captures her emotional response to the natural world in contemporary semi-abstract painting and printmaking.


Her native California coast and her long-adopted home on the south coast of England provide constant inspiration. Through  joyful colour and expressive brushstrokes, she shares her delight through paintings that express a profound sense of place and connection to nature.

Her favourite thing is travelling with a sketchbook, discovering new people and places  and soaking up the atmosphere through drawing. 

Seana is also an inspiring and enthusiastic teacher who delights in sharing the joy of creativity and watching her students grow and thrive.

Since October 2020 Seana has had a studio at Stanmer Craft Museum, in the heart of beautiful Stanmer Park. She is delighted to be part of a wonderful community of artists and makers, and their work can be found here.

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