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Mixed media on board
10” x 10”, Framed 


I’m working from memory and intuition on a series of six small squares at once, not copying an exact location but trying to capture the feeling, the energy, the light, the crash of the waves, the stormy clouds and the salty wind.

It’s so new to me in this time of being an “artist-in-residence”, I’m not sure what it’s about yet… I think it’s exploring and sharing my stories of many walks along the coast, land and seascapes close to my heart and distilling them in colour and brush stroke and bits of collage in these tiny pieces.

I’m offering them for sale, floating in lovely deep white box frames, because I really want to share them, to bring the outside in in lots of friends homes, especially during this time when we are not meant to venture out ourselves.

February Seas 3 (Chocolate Sauce)

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